Forgotten Echoes, Now Covered in

August 2017

Forgotten Echoes, Now Covered in



Enveloped by time.

Of memories..... lost, in the past.

A voice, that's lost upon the wind.

Eyes, that dimly see, no future.

And with each and every, new day.

A heart, that beats less vibrant.

Loneliness is now....

A scent, that assails my soul.

As death pervades my dreams.

While all my colours,fade to grey.

Life's sweetness lies like...

...... fruit, left rotting in the shadows.

And.... everything, and everyone. 

All turns.....





Giajl © Jim Love 

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Seraphim's picture

Time Marches On

"Time marches on," as they say; yet in the end time envelops all our hurts and struggles like a strong, warm hug for a crying child. This poem will lead me to comtemplate existence a little more today, thank you for the "food for thought." 

Post Tenebras Spero Lucem

allets's picture

"Loneliness is now"

  • Miraculous penning - enjoyed the voyage, my friend. - allets -