There was little, if any, Constitutional validity to the lawsuit.  It really reflects a bleak existential reality that conservatives and republicans are facing.  The Democrat candidate has won the popular vote in 6 of the last 7 presidential elections.  The Democrat candidate has now won the popular vote in 4 straight presidential elections.  Biden and Obama (twice) got more than 51% of the vote.  Hillary Clinton only got 48% of the vote.  None of the Republican candidates reached 48% in the last 4 presidential elections.  Mitt Romney was the only Republican candidate to get over 47% of the popular vote.


(Ironically, the 45.9% trump got in 2016 was the lowest percentage of any of the presidential candidates in the last 4 presidential elections.)


This is where the sense of desperation comes into play.  Most polls also show that Republicans have a higher average age than Democrats and Independents.  This means that they are not being replenished as quickly as the years go passing by.


2008 did mark a substantial moment in American history.  It was the first presidential election to include voters that weren’t alive before the Berlin Wall fell.  2020 marked the first presidential election to include voters that weren’t alive for the 9-11 attack.  This will reflect changing priorities.  That isn’t necessarily bad.  The world is always going to change.  It is always going to progress and evolve.

This is where a sense of desperation is coming in.  People clinging to the past are scared of the future.  A lot of people are scared of the present.  Desperate measures are being taken or proposed in order to stop the world from changing.  It, in some ways, is a last ditch effort.  I don’t think these are necessarily evil people.  There were Americans that sided with the British in the War of 1812.  They weren’t necessarily horrible people.  They were on the wrong side of history.  There were people that refused to use electricity or refused to use a telephone or automobile when these inventions were introduced.  People are afraid of change.  They will resist it and sadly, some may never come around.


We need to stay vigilant and do what we can to make the world a better place.  Many afraid of change will come around.  We should be doing what we can to encourage and educate people.  You can’t reach a klansman or a proud boy but a lot of other people are simply clinging to a nostalgia for something that, if it ever did exist, is now long gone.  Many will just go back to their lives and realize that not much has really changed.  They’re going to get by—and maybe get by with a little less vitriol.  They will change at a snail’s pace but eventually they just may get it.


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Sad that the party of Abraham

Sad that the party of Abraham Lincoln has become a parody of John Wilkes Booth.

J9thxciv, fka Starward

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2020 Election

Of course this is not the first election in which deceased Democrat Party voters voted from the grave.

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kind of lame to use the

kind of lame to use the deceased voter bullshit.  My father was a lifelong Republican.  Because I have the same name as him I found out accidentally that he was kept on the voter registration rolls in Pennsylvania 14 years after his death in 2015.  For all I know my father might have voted for treasonous trump in 2016--15 years after his death.  I can tell you for fact that Republicans keep dead voters on the rolls because my late father was one of them.

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Enlightening Read

In the end,  the current system prevailed. The Supreme Court did not go partisan as one term trumpet expected. State Supreme Courts are warning to alert the Bar on Trumple's lawyers; unethical to use the courts for political reasons.   Asking ashing the court to do Trump's bidding with no proof. Law trumped the lie. That was good news. 







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some people actually follow

some people actually follow the Constitution

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This essay contains some very

This essay contains some very profound insight.  I think we often forget how this country has evolved and changed since the first settlements of the seventeenth century. 

J9thxciv, fka Starward

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glad you liked it.  more to

glad you liked it.  more to come, I am sure