So proof of Nostradamus’ prophecy is the submarines?  He wrote about a “fish with a human face” That must be a submarine.  But how do we really know.  Was he foreseeing a submarine or was he just trying to predict Charlie the Star Kist Tuna?  That is a fish with a truly human face—albeit animated.  Maybe he was really just predicting the advent of cartoons.  The world may never know.


Fish with human face

submerged beneath the ocean

fecklessly spying


the Nazis and the Russians

observing talking tuna



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Definitely Charlie Tuna

And cartoons - Nemo. Nastra D rocks!



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I had albacore for lunch

I had albacore for lunch today.


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17 submarine ( "a like" "you and I")


That morning having spoken to

my boss on Friday as I have left

work 7 at home, six in the bus

at the time of the news:( Europe)

West: ( Europe News).: The prisons

in Russia are so bad, and they

sing rap: like Sing Sing


Then the "black"? submarine

nobody knows what happened

17 men died in Russia? Or were they

Russain? 17 men of some country

a father mother sister brother

uncles, nieces, nephews were sank,

or the pressure released without the

unknown seeing that someone

did not want to see the water

what ever the color or the horizon

the next morning even online.


 maybe Russain men, and Russian

women and the victims: their families

and a European or Western: the West's media

 that was the story I remember. Haunted.

that I now know the Russain prisons and a submarine

that I have to stop talking about.

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cool writing.  thanks for

cool writing.  thanks for sharing