Mugwumps with dreadlocks

hallucinations persist

as we resist the con


William Burroughs birthday is immediately followed by Bob Marley’s birthday—every year.  This pleases me.  We can get our twisted cut ups with some soothing reggae lilts.  Mugwumps with dreadlocks bobbing along to Three Little Birds.  My words of advice for young people is to relent.  Resistance is futile, anyway.  Just let the phantasmagoric vision wash over your soul.  The Buffalo Soldiers and hustlers of the world will ultimately still succumb to the mark within.  The virus will spread but we’ll have our literary dreams complete with Rasta soundtrack.  The mugwumps dancing with natty dreads swirling to the rhythm.  A just ending to a rainy evening nightmare.


Your point of view heard

my arbitrary justice

couldn’t solve problems


Emancipation eludes

flights of imagination






Author's Notes/Comments: 

Today is William Burroughs birthday and tomorrow is Bob Marley's birthday

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Great Word

Mugwumps ala 1884 - s



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The ones in 1884 may have

The ones in 1884 may have been scarier than the ones Burroughs hallucinated