Sitting at a table

at Second Sin

sipping a beer slowly

when I consult my phone


the dread news awaits

someone posting RBG dies

Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies!


Holy shit! This can’t be true!


I furiously search news sites

hopeful for contradiction

hope against hope

the news resources confirm horror


I’m sitting at a table

with the Phillies game on

and I’m shaking like a leaf


People are cheering

The Phillies take a 1-0 lead

I’m oblivious to who scored

or drove in the run


I slowly sip my beer

 glancing around the room

at oblivious baseball fans

I fight back tears

as the lead rises to 2-0


I finish off my beer

and settle my tab

I get beer to go

as I’m certain I’ll need it


I can finish

my drunkening in private


the dog will jump on my lap

and kiss my chin

He’ll get an unwanted bearhug

and tears on his fur


This darkness does

have to end

I just don’t know when.



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Our Mother Teresa

Dedicated her life to good. Legacy? Incalculable! I tremble with grief. 




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She did fight the good fight

She did fight the good fight

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You know they say " it's

You know they say " it's always darkest before the dawn". 

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a guy named Zimmerman told me

a guy named Zimmerman told me that.