simply passing by

the lake

or the flatlands

does not necessarily

create poetry


the single falling leave

bears intense Zen wisdom


but the satori

is kinda misplaced

in all the confusion


moving faster

than the speed of light

has it’s drawbacks, too

yet no one seems

to notice it


If I could paint a picture

then surely

I would be better off


but alas

I can not do

those things

ala WCW


nor can I


like Basho or Ryokan


I’m more like

the guy with a coin detector

walking along the beach

combing the sands


I’ll find a lot of tin

and aluminum

before I get to

the gold and silver

and copper coins


some will say

it isn’t worth the effort

others don’t understand

perhaps never will


I did take a back road

to get here

and it was a long

and vigorous ride



I am here now

and ready to come in

from the rainy cold


It’s been that

kind of day

and really that

kind of night, too.



Netherlands, riding a train through


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From Scandinavia. 



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found a lot of tin and

found a lot of tin and aluminum.  Wondering how much it's worth as far as commodities go.