Night of the Angels


And the heavenly angels saw the evil that one man did

In the muddiness and the selfishness of his clouded mind,

To create the burning outside her door as she lay deeply

In the comfort of her dreams with her warm faithful gentle friends

Curled beside her, trusting that she would never let any harm

Come to the undisturbed life they had always known together.

And the angels sensed the creeping tendrils of bloodiest red,

Feeling the scorching heat reach toward her, knowing full well

That in the blink of an eye, her world was destined to be destroyed.

All that she had labored so long and hard for, day after day;

All that she aspired for every night would be reduced

To nothing but blackened powder and memories... forever.

And the angels understood that death could be her final fate,

And,she too, could be obliterated to a blackened corpse

Along with the little creatures that brightened her existance.

They knew that her own children and the children of her children

Would be haunted by the visions of her ashes forever,

And no amount of time could wash away their thundering tears.

And the angels could not allow it all to happen this way.

They found a good neighbor and gave him the strength to stand sturdy.

He beat on the door until she awoke to the smoke around her,

And stood there steadfast as she gathered two sweet furry treasures

Into the shelter of her arms to escape into the night.

He mourned her anguish cries for the two lost treasures left behind.

And the angels brought her to the arms of a lady stranger.

She shared the pain and held her tight as she watched her world turn red.

When the flames devoured everything, she cried out loud,

And the stranger cried with her, knowing there was nothing more

She could do but watch the many angels with hoses in hand,

Putting their lives at risk to quench the vileness one fool had done.

And the angels led her far away from the pain in the guise

Of her son who left his own sleeping babe to protect her

From the endless queues of prying onlookers who stared and gawked

At her exhausted body and all that was left of her life

Away from the burning inferno that was once her refuge.

And the angels knew that only love could bring back what once was.

And the angels called out to the heavens for tender mercy,

Reached deep inside the firestorm and guided two frightened treasures

To freedom, safety, to remind her that all life was not lost.

And the angels showed the men with hoses these living treasures.

The brave men with hoses called to the lady with this great news.

The lady was left with all that truly mattered in her life.

And the angels' hearts were filled with tranquility and joy.

Amy Riberdy


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is dedicated to all the brave men & women who were a part of the reason why I am alive today to write this story
and to Kris Snow who's gift of the angels inspired me to finally face & remember that fateful night.

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Richard.E.'s picture

I'm glad to see you writing again. And with a powerful, compelling piece too. The story of the furry-ones in this piece is heartening and helps us to see a greater plan or hand upon this sometimes dark and restless world we live.

Wishing you brighter and more opulent subject material, although the delivery of the furry-ones is indeed a heart warming tale.

Good Work,


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This is a very powerful and moving work. I am so proud of you. This must have been difficult to write. I know that sometimes when we put things down on paper it seems to exorcise the demons. Hopefully doing this helped.

I guess I never realized how many poems you had written that used the word angel in the title or in the body of work itself. I knew there was a reason I had kept those earrings all this time! Obviously they were meant to go to you! I am glad you like them. And I am especially glad if they helped you in some small way.


HAWK SQUAW's picture

oh how this one made me think of what it must have been like to stand there and watch all the things that you loved become lost forever........ you have such an awesome way with the written word........ I found myself holding my breath as I seemed to be there with you ........ each image strong and real.........

I have always been drawn to your work....... always thought how wonderful it would be to just kick back and jot down a piece of work that would take the breath of the reader....... I try as hard as I can but I seem to fall just short of your level ...... but I look at it this way as long as you keep posting things with this much passion, feeling and raw emotion....... then hey I can only be better for having experienced what it takes to get to this level........ you are amazing...... and I am so happy that Kris was able to get you to write about this night....... the pain shall start to releash you ..........

bravo my friend........ may your life be all that it should be.........

you are truly a great poet.........