My Father, My Hero


I walked in a world of sorrows

And a light shone in the room.

I could feel your power over hurt

Shimmering in the gloom.

You stood by me, heroic,

Opposing the fulcrum of pain,

Until there remained nothing left

For the grim evil to gain.

When darkness left me frozen

In the evening of my life,

And arrogantly proclaimed I was

No longer his dear wife,

You shouldered my heavy cross

On your great tolerant shoulders.

You endowed me with wisdom learned

By your life and your elders.

And, all the while you carried

My burdens with fatherly pride,

With that patient, sweet lady

Standing so faithful by your side,

Hearing my confused, lonely cries

And drying my anguished tears.

Counselling and worrying for

Over five long healing years.

If ever a daughter was

Appreciative for the presence

Of a father who gave her so

Much Esteem and moral sense,

She would acknowledge this with respect

And put it in a rhyme that

Would say how much she loves

Him to the very end of time.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This piece is long overdue. I love you, dad.

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poetvg's picture

awesome piece

Karyn Indursky's picture

I enjoyed this writing of your dad a lot because it showed another side of you. I'm glad you love your dad and he's an important person in your life. Not everyone is blessed with this gift as you are and you know it. It shows in how you address thanking him and it's beautiful. God bless you and your dad.

hawksquaw99's picture

this one made me cry... there is just nothing like when we are afraid or just need that little extra.... no place like the arms of a dad..... I am so glad that I stopped in to read this one.... well done.....