Drifting Along

Heart of Love

I left home one summer
Carring my weakness in my hands,
My feet grew fond of every journey,
As i held my face high above the sea i faced nothing but sorrow,
From that day my future slipped away,
I ploughed my tears in every piece of land,
For that i traded my death for another day,
For one could taste for one could never want onother,
But beneath my luck nothing was a success,
No rain felled and all my seeds were ripped from the ground,
A promiscuous soul lay low from the ground and death blooms from its blood.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An empty heart reveals nothing but sorrow.

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Sorrow is

born of failed attempts

and loss, too much time 

woolgathering, to much



Happiness is no joke,

it requires energy invested

in the lack of fear to be

designated foolish.


Emptiness is self-induced

in a world filled to overflowing

with possibiliy.






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Beautiful! Thank you for sharing

Rey Gavin Sebake