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Do voters care
if government sins
in their name?


Do voters’ heads
then hang together
in collective shame?


Do voters ever
truly accept
their share of blame?


Or to a voter, politics
is akin to foetor
it’s all the same?

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Is that like fubar? With Donald Rump, we are embarassed, not shamed. Post Sept Eleven, we have been  in a racist war for almost two decades. After Bin Laden was killed, it should have ended - too much money to be made in our war machine for usa businesses and those of our "allies". Sins in our name. Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria. Somebody showed Prez Rump the bill and he canceled the war. Interesting. That is one way to fund a wall, end a war and bypass Congress to get money from the Pentagon. Sin. We need anew word for that kind of cheating - :D slc



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