Winter's Breath

Wayward Motions

Rusted and cringing
a leaf fell at my feet
The silent, stone walkway-
a bed for the deceased
The murdering Season
flowers no Hope
I embrace myself as I witness
this inescapable Fate.
I feel a sharp, cold breath
nipping at my nape
Winter wisps around me
And I am rendered helpless
against Her incandescent rage
Her fury seeps into my shivering pores
I feel so alone inside this silent
It seems I too am destined for a leaf's Fate
I propell
My feet forward
to walk the
thirty second journey to my front

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Winters breath:



Your poetry is greatly descriptive which I think is written well and I love your choice of words. A realy good read I enjoyed this poem.

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Thank you! I always

Thank you! I always appreciate constructive criticism or positive feedback. Glad you enjoyed. :)