Wayward Motions

A distant memory

A cadent melody

Softly sung from within

It feels like falling

It takes me away from all

that Exists in this world

Incandescent  undeniable  Irrevocable

It pulls me into the Flame

Deep into the Unknown

Drags me further into chaos

And I am lit with Passion

Fused with its heated core

I am here and nowhere

From fingertip to fingertip

My consciousness wisps and pulls

A wild tidal wave of ether

Seductive  Surreal  

Caresses like a lover


Drowns like a fever

Its the innocence of

A lost child

Combined with the convictons of a killer

Its a tightrope walk

And I'm halfway across

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Jake Sleutel's picture

I love your line "drowns like a fever". you are good...