The creation of peace is vital to the survival of our species.  Enlightenment is necessary.  We need to rise above the petty quabbling among us.  We need transformation to a higher consciousness.  We need to see with our eyes; listen with our ears; love with our hearts.  We have to make things work out.  It’s really all up to us.  Each and every one individual needs to make a difference.  One by one we can make it happen.  We can coax the planet onto transcendental planes.  It won’t be easy.  It will be an absolute test of wills.  It’s still something that must be done.  Elevation of humanity is a must for our self-preservation.  It’s our choice.  Transcendence or expiration. .  .

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Change or die out. Wiser but weaker - Just a few minutes ago I was thinking about how candy should have a warning: May cause dental decay or diabetes. Simple, change by degrees. For the people, not the dentistry industry or physicians offices and pharmaceutical companies. It's warning time: Remember "needle's eye and rich people". Tough row to shovel flat; changing attitudes and habits. When do we start? - slc




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Still hopeful that our better

Still hopeful that our better angels will win out