I think one 

of the real funny ones

was the Australian hooker

in Amsterdam


I was wandering thru

the Red Light District

with a spare 50 guilden


I made a good choice

I noticed the accent

when she greeted me

and led me to a room


She was great

I made an off hand remark


about penis size


and she remarked

with her Australian accent

“Don’t worry, honey,

I still fake it

even with the big ones.”


I couldn’t believe

a whore would say that

to a client

but it actually

made me feel better


blunt honesty

can be a real good thing



I have to admit

that I never laughed

so much during sex


laughing and coming

at the same time
can cause a heart seizure

but at least

you’d die happy


and she even,

for a few moments

made me think

she was enjoying it

as much as I was


so what

if she faked her O?

I didn’t

so at the end

of the day

it was payday

for each of us






Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'll let you decide how much this is based on reality

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