“’Trane pissed here”

read the graffiti

above the urinal

at the Village Vanguard


I guess I’m supposed

to feel honored

that I got to piss

in the same bathroom

as so great an artist


but I really can’t

get all that excited

about ordinary activities

as mundane as pissing


I guess for some people

any little achievement

becomes important


maybe for some people

sharing a urinal

with a legend

is an important moment


but to me,

it’s just shows the opposite

of how small we can be


playing on stage with a legend

might be an honor

sharing a meal or drink

might be boasting material


but you know you’re living

a pretty sorry life

when you get excited

over where you take a piss




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Dove's picture

Urine (you’re in) the wrong

Urine (you’re in) the wrong place

and whose pissed off! Just Kidding


Wow! Never knew that pleasure 


©️Dove 2020

georgeschaefer's picture

It's more of a relief but

It's more of a relief but sometimes it does seem quite rewarding

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Fuche_Bu At The Vanguard

An historical event. Got to figure out how to sneak into the 'Trane/poet bathroom for a sightseen of this illustrious graffitti. ;D ~s~



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Of course, this was over 25

Of course, this was over 25 years ago.  It is truly historical if they failed to clean it up.