It can be a gas

getting around Bangkok

in a tuk tuk.


The tuk tuk drivers are insane

and all on the sly

wanting to take you everywhere

but your desired destination.


They probably get kickbacks

for delivering marks

they all seem to be pimps as well

but they all have a picture

of the same girl


"I take you tuk tuk for fuk fuk"

says one driver

I almost feel I should punch him

on general principal.


It seems ridiculous to me

I heard of pimps with stables of hos

In Bangkok one Ho has

a stable of pimps


How could she handle

all the business?

The human body

doesn't have enough orifices.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Probably I'll go to hell for this one but it's based on a true story

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allets's picture

Hiding Behind Hell

Good try. There is a special place . . . orifices? Hmmmm :D slc



fuche_bu's picture

hiding in hell to avoid

hiding in hell to avoid accountability--sounds like something I would do.