eating Vienna sausages

straight from the can

using a plastic fork

to extract the links.


A can of Dos Equi beer

will wash them down;

perhaps a second can

to serve as dessert.


It’s a cool winter noon

with a partly cloudy sky

letting rays of sunshine

hint the coming Spring


Can’t call it

a lunch for kings or champions

but it’s sustenance

and I’ll live another day.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ah, life is good--or at least adequate

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allets's picture

Hey. I See It This Way

It ain't army surplus canned beef or potted meat and crackers. Everything goes down adequately and well with beer, huh? :D slc



fuche_bu's picture

It's something and it keeps

It's something and it keeps one alive to fight another day

Stephen's picture


What a wonderful descrition of one of my favorate memories.  So sad the alcohal turned on me and became an alergy I cannot overcome.  Stephen

fuche_bu's picture

but can you still enjoy the

but can you still enjoy the Vienna sausages?  That's still something.