It can be hit or miss

talking with me.

I can be effusive

or withdrawn.


Sometimes I go on auto-pilot.

I’m soused but

determined to get home.


I lock in on survival mode:

Get to the train station.

Get on the right train.

Have a ticket or cash for fare.

Stay awake long enough

to get off at the right stop.


The goal is to wake up

the next morning—

or afternoon—

in my own bed;

hangover notwithstanding

and no recollection

of how I actually got home.


To find all my cash

& credit cards as they should be

even if a sock is on the stove

& my knickers are on the lamppost


I sip on coffee

as jackhammer drill into my brain.

The game is called survival

and I made it home again.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Always make sure you get home alive.

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Messed Up!

If u don't know how you got home. Auto piloting - no, never did that during any decade. Amazing! :D slc

Lady A

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God protects fools, children

God protects fools, children and apparently drunks