You’re kicking back

with a bowl

of Lucky Charms cereal

and watching

a Kevin Smith movie 

on a rainy afternoon;

carefully eating cereal first

then the marshmellows;


when you’ve just been laid off

and a world of opportunities

are staring you in the face

and anything seems possible


but doubts exist

and boredom drops by

on a few occasions

but you determine to push on

is the best course of action


so that’s what you’ll do

and as cool December clouds

jettison precipitation

everything seems absurd

and without real substance


and Camus and Sartre

start seeming more appealing

and realizations are existential

though you still really, really

want to romanticize the plight.     




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Jan9thxciv's picture

This poem made me feel ver y

This poem made me feel ver y unemployed, although not.  And the last stanza is, as I am sure  you know, brilliant!


eleven_eleven's picture

Excellent last line :)

Excellent last line :)

fuche_bu's picture

mucho gracias.  greatly

mucho gracias.  greatly appreciate the kind words.

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I Chuckled At The End

"...jettitson precipitation..." a great image for snow. - slc



Jan9thxciv's picture

Yes, that line is brilliant!

Yes, that line is brilliant!


fuche_bu's picture

as if the sky does't have

as if the sky does't have better things to do.