Getting an email from Uber

informing me

that I can get my side hustle on

& earn extra cash.


I get similar emails from Lyft

also informing me 

of these great cash earning deals.


The emails arrive

like clockwork nearly every day.

I delete the emails;

they reappear a day later.


The ads offering me

this wondrous side hustle

show up on my facebook

& twitter feeds daily.


Maybe I should

get my side hustle on

and make all this extra cash.

I don’t have a driver’s license

or a car—

wonder if that will matter.




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Oh, I’m glad I’m not on those

Oh, I’m glad I’m not on those sites!

but I use to get spam mail on 

Viagra! So Lift and Uber is  step Up!



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I get the spam too.  The

I get the spam too.  The social media sites have their place.  I like to post haiku on facebook.  It also helps me keep in touch with different people.  It would be nice if we could get rid of the fake news stuff and repeats of useless ads.  I don't get viagra ads.  I wish I could attribute that to my prowess but in reality it's probably just an oversight on their part.

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Extra Band Width

I noted right after the bill passed that more pop-ups appeared suborning my security system. I had no pop-ups before that. I enjoyed this poem. Thanks for the chuckle - slc



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I guess it's the new junk

I guess it's the new junk mail.  At least it isn't hurting any trees.