The hotel in Rome had

a really nice lounge lobby area.

My interest was piqued 

by a sign advertising for

an event of tasting craft Italian beer.


I figured it might be 

a nice way to wind down

after a day of sightseeing.


They featured numerous beers

and had live entertainment.

I was amused as it was a piano player

singing from the American Songbook.

It was a lounge act 

I could have seen in Vegas 

or even Biloxi or Atlantic City.


He maneuvered through the classics

and obviously pleased 

one group of Americans


There was one of the ladies 

that became enthralled when 

he played “Volare”

I sipped my Birrifico 

chuckling to myself.


Then she kept going up

and requesting that he play 

the same song over and over.

She was dancing with her husband;

with her friend and by herself.


The piano player kept trying 

to go back to his regular set.

The requests for “Volare”

kept resounding.


She was drunk and knew what she wanted.

Her husband was embarrassed.

The other couple with them was embarrassed.

I was greatly amused.


I poured some Loverbeer

into my glass and slowly sipped.

Another day par de course:

A drunk American fool

making a spectacle 

of his or herself.


I took a swig of beer

with smug satisfaction

knowing that once again

a drunk American fool

was making a spectacle

of his or herself


and this time,

for a change,

it wasn’t me.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

based on a true story.  The names were left out not to protect the innocent but rather because I never bothered to get them.

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Blast From The Past Best Kept In The Past

loverbeer is a real thing? ooooooo k. Not a fan of Volare even when I first heard it I thought it was kinda strange. Ooooh oh - :D



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Loverbeer is actually the

Loverbeer is actually the name of an Italian craft beer.  It was good stuff.