If my heart could show its worth

It would for you

If it could show its yearnings

That's what it would do

If it could tell you

That every time i hug you

I don't ever want to let go

And every time you take my hand

I want to hold it there in mine

And every time i catch your stare

I want to look back

And see what lies beneath

Those beautiful eyes

My heart would tell you

That if anyone makes me smile..

It's You

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briansullivan's picture

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you and I know it's been FOREVER since I've written new things which could only mean one thing. You commented my stuff forever ago and I went through some hard times but now I must tell you that I really love this poem...It' simple and to the point. One of my favorites for sure!

Sharon Lowry's picture

Whats his name?

fox's picture

i did know u still felt that way about me