Tree's Last Song


Why do you seek to destroy me?

Why, when I've been here all along

Throughout your life's journey

As you've grown wise and strong?

I was there in your infancy

When your mother lay you beneath my foliage

To guard you from the sun

Its rays harmful for your age

I was there in your Childhood

When you climbed up my trunk

And played monkey in my branches

Sometimes falling with a 'Thunk'

I was there in your adolescence

When you pondered who you were

And what you would become

Those days I'll always remember.

I was even there in your adulthood

And I was so proud of you

My infant, my child, my lady, and now woman

So much we had been through.

But now... Now you don't need me

I am but a thorn in your side

In the way of your roads, your brick buildings

Your technology and false pride.

Oh, how I wished to be with you

To guide your children, help them touch the sky

Let them play monkey in my branches

And ponder their life, or at least try.

The pain I feel as you slice away my branches

To make me bare and ugly to the world

The sadness as you chop into my trunk where you once played

Before me the memories unfurl.

Remember, my sweet child

My infant, my Lady, my spirit

I love you and still love you

I accept death, and do not fear it.

If it is to benefit your existance

I will give my flesh to you without falter

Then, at least, I will be with you forever

Something time cannot alter.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this after reading something in a magazine about an ancient tree that had been cut down. 2006

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Long, but I like it. :D