Through the Darkness

2005 or older

Darkness swallows my final breath inside

Captivating me and stealing the light in my eyes

Shadows rising dust in the death of the night

Awakening rebirth to my shattered plight

Souls surround me, enter me, control me

These chains so unreal wont let me breathe

Suffocation poisoning this imprisonment

To think that this poem is what I've sent

As the blood stains through the cloth i wear

And i watch my skin rip, slit and tear

A warm liquid is in my eyes, a reflection far away

A mirror in the distance says I'm not okay

Pale flesh on soft floor to my mirror i crawl

When i see my shaded image it Isn't pretty at all

I pull away, close my eyes and try to understand

That the pain and the sorrow were all done by my hand

The sickening reflection that i am today

will haunt me forever, it will never go away

The scars on these arms will always remain

When crying or screaming or calling my name

Now the blood flow is wild, its now become time

Time for me to go home, time for me to die

And the crimson on the floor soaks into the solid crack

Now i must return to the home of innocent black

And i cry and i scream but will anyone hear?

A sound of horrid pain and a sound of broken fear

Then tender loneliness consumes my soul with a twist

A small cut became more with a razor to my wrist

And now the fire has spread, water's become high tide

loosing hope and happiness, leaving memories behind

Never will i be like my image once before

When you read this note i will be no more...

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i love this poem