No cure for this kind of pain


I could grab the knife

I could end my life

but why bother

would it even really matter?

I could grab the razorblade

cut until my scars won't fade

but why waste my time

Would it really clear my mind?

I could scream so loud in your ear

scream so everyone could hear

but why do that today

would it really take my pain away?

I could cry like never before

and I could wonder what to live for

but why do I torture myself like this

would it really resolve my shit?

I guess nothing can take away the pain

so my tears will mix up with the rain

always pouring down in down pour

until I break and can't take it anymore

I wonder why I even bother

what does it even matter?

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teresa_r's picture

I can really relate i am feeling this way alot lately its like whats the use i love your poems.

pamschwetz's picture

For some reason this reminds me of the title of an album I think it was John Cougar Mellencamp but could be was called Nothing Matters and What if It Did?
That is what this one makes me think of...interesting feelings shared here....Pam