To tell or not to tell


if love was a wish you made at night

I would make sure your wish was fulfilled

if love was a beach you want to walk along

I would make sure there was a path for you

if love was a rose you wished to smell

I would make sure it had the sweetest scent

if love was a song you sing to yourself

I would make sure the song was beautiful

if love was a shade of blue painted in the sky

I would make sure that storm clouds never appeared

if love was a candle that burned so bright

I would make sure it never burnt you

if love was a summer rain falling down

I would make sure my love rained upon you

if love was the sunshine that woke you in the morning

I would make sure that my love shined from the sun

if love was a breath that brings you life

I would make sure the breath lingered forever

if love was a dream that you dreampt about

I would make sure that the dream came true

if ever I could express my love for you in words

no words could describe how much I love you

and I would swim across every ocean in the world

just to have you know I love you and be your girl

Author's Notes/Comments: 

There's this guy that I really like and he's going to another college soon and I want to tell him how I feel but I'm afraid to.

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Tasha Rose's picture

I love this poem. It's beautiful :)

pamschwetz's picture

I think you should give him a copy of this poem and tell him he was your is beautifully written and it... Good Luck...Pam