Happy Birthday

Assorted Stuff

If my mind serves me right you would’ve been 52
I would have taken this day to celebrate with you
But instead
I need to pay respect to the dead

Didn’t even go to visit your grave
I really am sorry about that Dave

Maybe tomorrow
I’ll deal with the sorrow

Kneel down on the grass next to your meek marble stone
And weep there like a child by myself all alone

Not crying for myself, I’m crying for you
I don’t know what issues you were going through

It’s hard for me to understand or comprehend
Did you have no one to lean on not even a friend?

It continues to break my heart
When I think about you falling apart

I imagine you sticking that needle into your vein
Getting your fix to try to cover your pain

It did what you hoped it would, you were released
From everything and everyone you are now deceased

You overdosed chasing the thing you loved the most
Was it a suicide as implied, honestly I cannot decide
In the grand scheme of things it matters not
Doesn’t change the story doesn’t flip the plot

I hope God has heard all of my prayers
Dedicated to you through the years
I have faith they didn’t fall on deaf ears

I know you weren’t perfect but you were a good man
You don’t deserve hell or purgatory, I trust God to understand
I picture him soothing your soul, holding your hand
Crossing you over to the Promised Land

You are loved always

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My father passed when I was 7. Heroine was his drug of choice. I believe in my heart he was a good man and hope that he found peace.

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