Without Christ we are Deadmen

Without Christ

we are dead for

we are only half a man


Without Christ

we live in our own

immorality not thinking

much of it


Without Christ we are

asleep and continue to sin

and be slaves to demons


Without Christ, ultimately,

we shall burn forever and ever

in our own suffering


Without Christ we are lost sheep

led to the slaughterhouse


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Hey, The Bright Side

At least the women and children will survive. Men poems:


He woke up

read his Bible

went out

and did good.


Men tell the world

what is good, then go

out and not practice

what they wish

they knew how

to preach.


Men no longer dominate

women. Real women get

Phd's and go for power

then tell men what

is best and good, for

a change.


Like that, the Bible says women should follow men. It's a pretty old text. - slc



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the dark side is that those

the dark side is that those who aren't saved won't survive.