Breaking Bad

I'm tired of religion,

morality and judgment


I'm tired of irrationality,

narcissism and ignorance


I'm tired of listening to other

people's opinions


When does love really equal control

and political correctness?


Fuck love, fuck religion, fuck ideology,

fuck your politics and fuck virtue signalling,


I'm not a perfect person I never claimed to be,


I enjoy not always doing the right thing,


Sometimes being bad is good for your mental health






Author's Notes/Comments: 

Being bad= actually living your life and making mistakes,

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Baby Equals Bathwater

Thtow out law and rules, get rid of courtesy while you're at it. Wild wild west is long over due. Lets wear guns and kill kids and old people. Let's poison a hundred thousand and nuke the rest. Why stop at being negative on the positive - be negative on the possible. :(



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You know by now not to take

You know by now not to take what I write too seriously. My opinions on things change like the weather.