My Palette




I flew off to the land of my dreams

Stitched my story with unsure seams

Less of my canvas I filled

Instead my colours, on me they spilt


I was enriched with yellows and reds

Bright as the sun, intense like rose-beds

As I laughed and lived, lost in an unknown universe

Where all remained surreal, nothing adverse


I was dancing with splashes of violet

With a blushing pink and a laughter of purple I was met

Lost in greens of my breakable dreamland

Washed on the shore of the shimmering golden of the sand


Little did I know that storm would hit

That I would be tornadoed by the black with every bit

Isolated in greys, that I'd never choose

Left someplace far away singing the blues


Drop by drop, did the warmth seep back in me

The shivering slowed, and again I could see

Though now I have nothing to say, you'd think I've turned dumb

Because the storm of tears, has left me dumb


There again it strikes

Though I don't feel it this time

Unworried about darkness, unworried about light

Just vanished somewhere in a neutral white


Now I'm drenched, I'm soaking wet

Though seep into me, these colours I let

My end is only the begining and there are so many colours yet

To be filled in my already overflowing palette.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is basically a rough sketch of my life so far. It's a metaphoric poem. My dad is in a transferable job, so I had to move to a lot of places and make new friends everytime and adjust into new environments. At times it felt wonderful as I got to go to London and had memorable journey there...but then I had to move again and then yet again, and that came as sort of a heartbreak because I had to leave some of the most amazing people...This poem is just a glimpse of the journey my life has taken so far...full of different colours that missed my canvas but sure got me...

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Love this one. Speaks the

Love this one. Speaks the colours of life x