Northern Skies


Around fading embers, adorned a canopy of maple, a chorus of frogs, grains of sand, footprints and an ancient yearning.  Deep, deep, I am lost in wandering thoughts and the eternal night.  The immortal Milky Way my only guide, illuminating pathways unchartered.  Reminiscently haunting, consciousness whispered in the wind, your thoughts drifting carelessly like passing clouds.  I found you today, in an autumn breeze, in a summer storm, in the crystalline form of a simple snowflake, in the beautiful pastel flower petals of spring.  Seasons, I miss the seasons, the turning, the spilling over, the changing, the permanence in the endless stars, that glitter brilliantly over these northern skies tonight. 

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I had a vision

this poem was awesome. i could picture every word. i heard the frogs and seen the milky way. very beautiful. cant wait to read more. sweet.

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Thanks for reading and

Thanks for reading and commenting!!  I'm glad you could picture the words-that's what I always strive for!!

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That's lovely. You took me

That's lovely. You took me there...

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Thank you so much!!

Thank you so much!!