How too...

How to let go of someone, whose love still haunts the mind?

How to move on from her, that beautiful one of a kind?


How to get past, the pain which still exists?

How to remove the emotion, to which one can not seem to resist? 


How to make the mind, take control of the heart?

How after so long, to which they've been apart. 


How to make the sun shine, in this heart once again?

How to heal the open wound, from one years passing? 


How to forget, what he  once called his soul mate?

How to live, knowing being together was always destiny, always fate?


How to move past, the hearts internal pouring rain?

How to remove the loneliness, which comes again and again?


How to put the past in the past, as he  knows this is the right place?

How to feel the sun again, without her warm embrace?


How to let go, a question continuously pondered?

How to find another, when the broken heart still wonders?


How to love again, with a heart broken so great?

How to hold another in his arms, without seeing her beautiful face?


How to live this life, knowing our forever together is completely lost?

How to disprove my heart, as so much she enters my thoughts?


How to..........

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Like this yo. Been there

Like this yo. Been there before and know of the sorrow. Hope you get her back

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Thank you. That's the entire point of the poem. There is no way to get her back. Only the mighty hand  God could make that happen. The physical distance between us is not far but it might as well be a million miles apart.     Some things we just have no control over.