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My background is in engineering philosophy and business management. Although conflicting these are my degrees and the closely reflect who I am. I live my life by certain principles of logic and rationale which I will not waiver from by even at micron, my background was engineering and then business management but inside my mind I think philosophically and emotionally as well.

The words are right or not poems. A thought, A memory, a picture, will create a feeling. Whether that feeling is created in my soul or in my heart I do not know. That feeling then goes to my brain for that emotion goes to my brain and from there it's turned into words. Hence the term emotions turned into words! The few I've posted on here or just that a few. I have written over 500 of these in the past five or six years. I do not have control over the words that come out although many times I will go back and put commas in or change one word to another So the sins of rhymes although the words must be compatible and meeting before I change them. This emotion or feeling can only come when I'm happy sad joy loss or pain. I could never write when I'm upset or angry. I tried more than a few times and nothing comes out. Do I know why I Mabel to do this? No! Some of these poems or emotions turn to words hold a very powerful and significant influence in my life or have in the past. But at the end of the day, I'm just a simple country boy.


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