Rainy Day Snuggles


Rooftops and raindrops, a thunder so loud. 

Struck in the heart, great lightning abound. 


The pitter, the patter, soft sheets, as we lay. 

Beauty in knowing, two hearts feel the same way. 


Snuggled so tightly, like rain drops in a puddle.  

Holding the heart, each of the other. 


The shock of soft touch, the awe in sweet kiss. 

The rose petal pressing, you, your soft lips. 


The night so bright, sparks flying from the heart. 

Perfect rhythme we hold, ending like it starts. 


Two bodies become one, intertwined without bounds. 

The beauty in making, such wonderous great sounds.  


Afterwards snuggled, again, so tight. 

While drifting off to sleep, under the clear moonlight. 

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Beautiful. Thank you for

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


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Thank you

Thank you. :)