My Dreaming Heart

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In light of the darkness, but with one thought.  

If only to have peace, to which I have sought. 


Sought though I may, an obstacle at every turn.  

The simple life I've prayed for, it's favor I still yearn. 


Burned so brightly, the business hill climbed so fast. 

I wonder if my candle has burned out, extinguished at last.


Thankful for the wonderful  children, I have raised and adore. 

Of this some would say, I should ask for no more. 


The lost love of my life, to never find it again. 

My one and only soulmate, until my verys end.  


To have once again, to start over, to make it last. 

To look toward our bright future, to forget about the past.  


To build that house upon the hill, of desire and my dream. 

Can it be, or a fleeting glimpse, is all I'll ever see. 


To that which the future brings, of this I do not know.  

A peaceful life, is it to much to ask, for the scarfice I've shown.  

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