First Love

My Dreaming Heart

Life's special moments, memories of past appear in current light.  

From a time of loves first, she was a most beautiful sight.


In a time of knowing everything, looking back very little was known. 

So young, such feelings, such caring, open heart always shown. 


In hindsight could that first love lasted, today my heart is the same as so many years ago. 

After all this time and so many years, the heart stays the same, as love always shows. 


Children in our own time, holding to a crush, a love of the one who first stole my heart. 

It was then and there, so many years ago, to which Love would feel it's start. 


Many years have proceeded, although the thoughts of that first love are insatiable inside. 

The memory of that love when it comes to mind, my heart beats faster, butterflies in my stomach, such love recreateable, or just one of a kind?


I ponder the question of why, her, my first love can still be seen so clear. 

But other relationships throughout my life, faded through the years. 

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