The moon is set to rise late tonight,

I sit and watch the sky quietly,

Years have passed with me doing this,

Somehow, it has just been me....just me.


My beloved 'poetess', the joy of my life,

Is far away from me yet when I see a star,

Blinking high up on the distant horizon,

My thoughts turn to her and her beauty.


She had parted from me for some time,

But the Master Writer of Fate decided that,

It is high time my spell of loneliness ends,

And she occupies my thoughts charmingly.


A unique woman to the very core,

A 'poetess' who just cannot bore,

Me with any negativity at all,

She has returned in renewed glory,


She draws me away from the night,

And speaks her lovely thoughts on the net,

She has done what no one else coud do,

Given a new meaning to all about me.


She is jolly, full of the zest for life,

Not a dull moment hinders my mind,

She with her grin and brimming laughter,

Inspires me to be as I was born to be.


In her eyes shines the age's wisdom,

Maturity gleams in every feature,

The smile on her lips is a message to me,

To return back to life and live it fully.


I am her man and she is my woman,

That is how God has decreed destiny,

My heart is hers and hers is mine,

We have sworn to vanquish misery.


Let the moon let rise late as it likes,

My lively and God-blessed 'poetess' is here,

With her steering me past melancholy,

Life now acquires a meaning: Happy.


No one shall ever know who she is,

Why should the worldly folks matter,

Just to feel that she is totally mine,

Is my best dose of tranquility.


When God The Almighty chooses, He does,

The very epitome of pure feminity,

So with my loving mysterious 'poetess',

I am back to face those who envy me.

I care not a hoot for those who left me,

Abandoning me just for the glow of money.

Those who have stabbed me a lot in the back,

Must now ready and prepared to face me.


With God The Almighty always on my side,

And this blessed being sent by Him to me,

I am aiming at horizons the fearful dare not,

With my lovely 'poetess' right here for me.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

During the last 10 days or so God The Almighty blessed back the beautiful 'poetess' I had thought I had lost. She emerged as the Master Writer of Fate, who writes and rewrites destiny, brought her back into my life almost suddenly within a matter of minutes. I have managed, with her help and positive thoughts, to shake off the sadness of a past which was haunting me for a long, long time. Now, I am BACK, to disprove those who had/have written me off....those who abandoned me and stabbed me several times more than even the conspirators under Rome's Brutus, stabbed Julius Caesar. I admire two men of my time: the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali and the martial arts king named Bruce Lee. I admire the bull fighter Manolete and El Cordobes. I admire these heroes including Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. In fact I admire all the heroes -- the extraordinary men and women, who rose from almost nothing and changed the views and fate of the world. That is what, God willing, even I intend to do --- prove that I am the BEST in all that I do especially poetry and story-writing. Yes, with help from The God Almighty and with this lovely 'poetess' by my side, I am gonna rewrite all the wrongs of modern history via my living, my lifestyle, my thoughts via poetry and prose and the day is not far off when my detractors and backstabbers will be on their knees in front of me....acknowledging that I am indeed the BEST of my lot. 

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palewingedpoetess's picture

Lovely, lovely poem Sir Poet but.........

if you have taught this post poems student of yours anything it is that grammatical mistakes taint the flavor of the poem...........shallest I enlighten you of your boo boos?

first one ( a mere typograpical error here though I'm sure!)

She draws ne away from the night, (me not ne) type o again!


Inspires me to be I was born to be.( I personally feel this would sound better if you put as in there as I was born to be!)

numero tres

I care a hoot for those who left me,(this is a personal view but I think I care not a hoot for those who left me sounds much better than your to the affirmative statement!)

drumb roll for 4 please!

Must now ready and prepared to face me.( again an opinion must now ready themselves and be prepared to face me sounds so much the better to me!)

I could have sent these privately but I wanted to show you that your lessons to me can be used by me to help you as well. Now trot forth post haste with thine keyboard and rally the letter troops to mend these appalling word fences sir! tout de suite ............smiles, your student Melissa



emmenay's picture


Thank you for pointing out the errors. The reason is that I did not have my specs on while keying the poem. Otherwise you very well know that I do not make such mistakes. As for the changes, I have done some, where needed and let the poem remain as it is after that. 

Muhammad Naveed Ahmed.

Pen name:Emmenay.

Yahoo email ID:Ambitious7

Initials: M.N. Ahmed.