Darkness looms,
There will be no moon,
Just me, stars and memories...

When 'you' shared,
Such a time with me,
I cared not about worries.

How to pass
The hours without you
Is like seeking life in death.

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who is you?

Your B.R.W. or some other mysterious perfect woman? Should I be jealous here Sir Poet? Hmmmmmmm..............Sometimes it's hard to get a read on you through all this jumbled poet speak of yours...........
If you are going to write about how much you miss me so dreadfully so (so much so that you can barely walk up right) then just be clear and write palewingedpoetess I miss you so............see how easy that is winks one of those suspicious looking haiku things you like to do compare my eyes to a storm cloud or a mud puddle or maybe even a storm drain I'm not all that particular. I'd love that and crow and crow to everyone here in post poems how emmenay wrote me a lovey dovey haiku poem and all. I'd poetically stick my tongue out even at your beloved rare woman and say ha ha see he writes me lovey dovey poems too you are not his one and only like you thought girlfriend. Look out lady there is a new sheriff in town and her name is Melissa.......No kidding I would. Winks big.......... anyway cheer up if you really wanted a woman you could figure out a way to get off your lazy duff and go get her. You are just becoming slow in your advancing years that is all. Not to worry though you still are top shelf to me.........even if you do play awfully hard to know who!......... so why type it?