Winter snow melts,

And I can’t hope it will rain all night,

Even though I long for it to descend,

In a continuous shower,

The way it did,

Before the snow started melting,

And the wind stopped howling,

Like a banshee on the loose,

Wailing in the dark,

Frightening many people,

Who are used to say goodnight,

And after the quick supper,

Hide themselves in beds.

I waited for the change of seasons,

With an expectation,

That perhaps,

My heart would reconcile,

With the different phases,

Of the sun, the moon and the stars,

With the growing foliage,

And the rapturous chirps of birds,

Spring is here says the cuckoo,

And Nature is alive anew,

In yet one more beautiful garb.

The songs and the flowers,

The jocundity of lovers,

The musical symphonies,

Floating on the breeze,

The gentle sip of delicious wine,

And the loveliness of youth,

Dancing in the eyes,

It’s all fantastic,

I will never say it’s not,

But without you,

What have I got?

That’s why I wish,

It doesn’t stop raining,

For, as long as it rains,

With a cascading melody,

Of the drops,

Flowing down the window,

And sliding down the rooftop,

I will not be tempted,

To venture out,

And seek you.

As long as it snowed,

I had my fireplace and your pictures,

And the sweater you knitted for me,

Kept me as warm as you did,

And when your presence,

Was all that mattered for me.

It is no longer possible,

For me to stop the snow from melting,

Or tell the clouds to keep fulfilling,

The promise of winter,

I can no longer will,

For everything to happen,

The way I used to,

When you were there,

Beside me, hand in hand.

Let spring come and smile,

And let the people enjoy it,

For me it is your memory,

That keeps me going,

Day in and day out,

For me you were --

And, still, are --

The very essence of Spring,

And the joy of my living...

And without you,

Is there anything?

Anything at all?

So, tell the rain to fall...

Fall, fall and fall!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on the 25th of February, in Karachi.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

how the rain preserves
does it not?
this poem of yours
states that quite beautifully
thus so
it brings to mind these
haunting words
...and long after death
her memory he did so tenderly
a man faithful to a memory
how often do we find that
it is a strength of character
that one can not compromise
think of the foundations of self
that such undying love supported
and through so many heart shattering
for some
love is a spear
but for you
in this composition of honor
and timeless adoration
it is a shield
proving that love indeed is
the supreme protector
of all battered spirits
and hearts that have been left out
in the cold for far too long
your love is a testament to the
inner wonder that is
the real you
the astonishingly beautiful
always giving soul
that masked by the flesh it is
housed in
peaked out from behind all those
bruises, cuts and scars
to show the world even in
the most terrible of circumstances
love never dies
love never gives up
love does indeed
conquer all
and rebuilds with the ruins
'From The Ashes Of The Past'.............
you know who! why type it?