If you ask me about innocence

I will say it is Daphne

If you ask me about chastity

I will say it is Daphne.

A synonym for virtue

Who else but Daphne?

An antonym for envy

Who else but Daphne?

A simile for truth?

A beauty called Daphne

A metaphor for beauty?

A truth called Daphne.

In my heart's garden

There are tulips and roses

But more than all there is

A laurel called Daphne.

In this wide and vast world,

Many women have I seen

But to this day I haven't seen

Anyone like Daphne.

So I do conclude:

My beautiful Daphne

Is a tribute to her Maker

My beloved Daphne.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In memory of Daphne...Truth is beauty, beauty truth.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

The words to an old song by Rod Stewart comes first to my mind when I read this. 'The First cut is the deepest' and losing your so beloved flower damaged you greatly but I dare say it does not define who you are. It reflects to the reader some aspects of your depth of thought and feeling and unforgettable connection to one who's essence will never be extinguished. I think in part your deep, deep loving of this woman helps you to take the higher road always. Love begets love and where there is love poets throng. By your revealing what hurts you the most you paint the world lovely yet sad with your words of praise and grief. You are a glorious granite wall with a fully functional beating tender heart that fuels a poetic mind to search for the medium that can bring the two together in harmonious poetic weaving.........That is a gift from God for certain............ you know who?.......so why type it! laughs