Fresh dawn breeze,

Puff provides relief,

To forgotten memories:

Under tree,

I sit and watch birds,

Not long ago you were here:

Lotus Lake,

Music, songs, poetry,

And your eyes were the main theme:

Fleeting whirl,

Dreams are so short-lived,

I thought I had conquered Fate.


Broken instruments,

Also hide some unheard tunes

Where to seek,

Wordsworth’s daffodils,

Solitude has become dull.

Keep still heart,

Why not learn new tricks,

Of fooling egoistic self!

One more puff,

Deep and full of calm,

This is the way to be sane.

Wise man stares,

Like the oak he is,

Shadowy and very old:


Say, “Hi good morning!”

All hollow and meaningless:

Wind rustles,

Pain darts inside out,

No friendly soul seen around.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on a dark and dingy morning of October 6, 2007.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

This was so sad but more so just gorgeous. I loved the two lines ................
Why not learn new tricks,
Of fooling egoistic self!
You stand so tall in your verse sometimes even when you are obviously feeling slumped over and defeated by fate. To some, you would read as gloomy but if they really look they would see you read as sad sure but more so just resigned and still through all that fog of longing you strike a chord of being ever hopeful. This demonstrates why for me from moment one I felt I had to cheer you on.
For all the world to see, the you who has physical form appears to be such a winner but the you I've been given the opportunity to come to know from the inside out that he comes off as the underdog striving for a step up in his heart's pursuit of his one true one and love is always his ambition's goal. That he any deep loving woman could easily come to love. My eyes sir are dearly enamored to know the beauty of your words here in this forum. Do your page here a favor and write some more poems. winks
you know who......... laughs so why type it?