What colours does the rain paint now,

The heart's wounds feel a fresh pain now:

These moments of respite from the past,

Are the only way of choking grief now;

Come on O poet, let's recite a poem,

The soul might find some joy somehow;

Ah, the colours that the rain paints now,

And how the heart sees a dim rainbow!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a translation of a famous ghazal by Nasir Kazmi sung beautifully by Pakistan's Nayyara Noor. Translated on June 30, 2002.

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ilike this one

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If rain could paint our sky a palette of gold
And color clouds with pink and tangerine glows

And tint the moments that dulled our eyes so cold
While muddied paints of troubled times ran bold

Would rain then repaint pastel's soft rainbows?
Share the splash of rain's dance before we are too old...

We'll write upon the sands a psalm or two of gold
And gather permanent colors on the shores of rainbows.

deborah russell, © 2002