To find a new love?

Thank you dear friends:

A new kind of love -

But do tell me how?

In this materialistic world,

Where wealth matters more,

Where comforts and luxury,

Are sought like a whore.

Where greed and lust rule,

Over hearts, minds and souls,

Where content ones like me,

Are described as a 'fool'.

Where promises are made,

Only to be broken,

Where bonds are formed,

But as a token.

Where fealty means nothing,

Where carnal desires abound,

Where sex is so 'free';

That it means 'everything'.

Where values and virtues,

Have sunken like ships,

That couldn't survive storms,

Lie in seas like 'refuse'.

Where men deceive women,

And women betray men,

Where many things pure,

Are termed a bad omen.

Where the selfless hearts bleed,

When the horizon reddens,

Drop by drop, replenished,

By the deep wounds that feed.

The deep wounds that feed,

Like parasites on the being,

In such a world,

True love has no meaning.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on September 30, 2002, in response to my poem 'Her kind of love' by some of my poet friends who contribute to Haiku Hut at

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a pain filled heart pierced
perception polluted by
the murky lesions of regret
if life were so wonderfully
one would become far too
complacent and bored
its the gouges that make us
better appreciate the blooms
when they come
and I dare say
that once wounded poet heart so deep
the storm clouds have at last scattered
and 'The Sunlight's Love'
has begun shining on his
former dreary days
I say
its gonna be a heavenly afternoon
so smile a little
even whistle a sappy tune some
and get up off your dusty thoughts
my good man
and take a walk with me
I'll have you singing a happy tune
before the day has closed............
you know who, so why type it? lol

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awesome piece