I have four true and loyal friends,

And one of them is the best of all,

But, even he, stopped contact for months,

I felt as if I had reached the ends.


It's difficult, very hard, to stay alone,

To have no friend nearby to talk to,

My mother and kids do stay at home,

But it's a friend I need with whom, who,


I can talk about anything in this world,

My joys and sorrows, my days and nights,

And if the one who is the best of all,

Avoids me, I know that it is not right.


I lost my other online friend a year ago,

And one more has disappeared totally,

Now I spend my days and nights waiting,

Talking to God and wishing somehow,


One of my best friends will call me on phone,

Or write me an email and chat with me,

Yet nothing of this sort ever happened,

I was left with myself, all alone.


The days pass by but when the sun sets,

And dusk welcomes the night's darkness,

I wish I had a soul by my side,

A loving soul to share my worst, my best.


Linda Ronsdatd's song: "Round Midnight",

Moves me to tears as I keep listening,

Friendship is closer and stronger than love,

No arguing here and surely no fight.


Thomas Gray's "Elegy" is my heart: speaking;

It is as if I too am bound to suffer,

The dusk and nights without a friend, a love,

Maybe that's how God has destined my being.


I do pray to my Creator and wish I could,

See Him or at least hear from Him,

But only quietness, silence and solitude,

Stay with me till the sun lifts its hood.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was inspired almost instantly after reading a reply to my earlier poem. It was Allets who commented and offered me advice quoting her own life experiences with friends and company. This poem "dawned" as if divinely and here it is for one and all to read, understand, fathom and comment. It is three more days to October but this poem reflects my present days, evenings and even nights. Life is indeed very lonesome for a sensitive poet like me. No doubt about it. Only God can shower His mercy and bless me with some more true and loyal friends and a faithful beloved woman. My feelings here are not meant for argument or debate. I am a poet and I have written how I feel in my poem above. Feel free to review/comment.

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Thanks a lot for your comments. I hope it is "Allets" whose real name is "Stella". Do send me your email address or write/call/text me whenever you feel like doing so. I shall be happy to respond. See: God has blessed me with an understanding friend. I am thankful and grateful to Him. Do write to me.

Muhammad Naveed Ahmed.

Pen name:Emmenay.

Yahoo email ID:Ambitious7

Initials: M.N. Ahmed.

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Thanks For The Response

Understanding is a blessing - Stella