By My Side

                            Oh I'd throw the finest times away

                            and the fortune that came my way

                            to have you here by my side.

                            And I'd give all the wealth I've brought along

                            to the singer of a song

                            that could put you by my side.

                            I can't say why or what it is

                            that makes me crazy for your love,

                            you don't even know my name.

                            Yet I know if you were here

                            and we could share our love

                            all my wishes would be explained.

                            Oh I'd build a road to alter destiny

                            there'd be no rest for me

                            till I could be by your side.

                            And I'd ship my special treasures to the distant moon

                            just to be in a room

                            with you by my side.

                            I don't know why my worried cares

                            have kept me from your door

                            because you've always been the same

                            but I know if I had no fear

                            I'd ask for love and nothing more

                            but I'm afraid my words would be in vain.

                            And I know lovers bring out sunshine

                            and moonlight brings romance

                            and each day brings love tomorrow

                            to those that take a chance.

                            Yet I wish I could bring out a way

                            to tell you what I have to say,

                            I wish I could kill this foolish pride.

                            Oh yes I wish in a very special way

                            I could have you here by my side.

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poetvg's picture

i loved it

Laurie  Lane's picture

Oh that was nicely put. I love the way it is written. Crushes can sometime crush you inside when you don't act on them. Afraid that you won't be let in. Crushed more if you act and are not let in. So do you take the chance to reveal or not? Which will hurt more? Great poem!

gentle's picture

Oh, there is nothing more beautiful than the words of a true romantic. Beautiful!!!! Amy

Gentle is the night♥

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Oh, how I loved this poem, Eric! Very mysterious and wondrous. Well-written (as all of your writings are) and soulful (as all of your work is) I enjoy your spirit and literature so much here. This one is absolutely beautiful! Sometimes it is someone that doesn't even really know us that we are drawn to. Unexplainably so. I know the feeling, and I know others will also relate to this. Very neat poem!!