Miss your smiles





you both were the lite of his life and he chrished every moment he had

your beauty matched your compassionate and oh so  gentle caring dad 

and i think your dad would give up all he holds dear and walk a thousand miles 

just to see your shining smile light up the room god he does miss your smile 

you made him see the beauty in life just by being you and giving him your love

sometimes i can see the sadness in his eyes when he talks about you in heaven above

and sometimes i see pride in there depths when he tells me storys about both of you

but mostly he tells me that he was the luckyest father who ever lived smiling all the while

and how he wishes he could talk to you once more to tell you that he misses your smile 

your smile and joy went a long way in making him feel like a happy and blessed father

and the memories of you both he holds close to himself that will always matter

 to see you again would mean more joy then he has ever felt and will never go out of style

but as he looks up to the heavens above he whispers i love you both and i sure do miss your smiles.

 Becky Chadbourne.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a poem I wrote for my husbands two daughters who died in a drunk driving accident three years ago before we met

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