Puppy Love


                 Back to work, my list has led me to this man. His name is Thomas Dauchsand and ironically he hates the wretched creatures. He preferes loyal Golden Retrievers, like his Milly. Sadly, thats all he has now. You see, Thomas is a war veteran, and because of the country's economy, he has lost all possessions he ever had. Except for Milly, she has been with Thomas ever since he found her, as a pup, behind a trash bin outside of a restaurant. And she has stayed by his side till his last day, 13 years later. Thomas is an old man, now. not in age, but with the malnutrition and lack of sleep, Thomas has the appearance of a shriveled up, old, dying man. It's getting harder for him to breathe, as he lays in his makeshift appartment made out of cardboard. He hears scratching at his "door" and struggles to open it with his last ounce of strength to find Milly with a half full bottle of water. Unfortunately, Thomas has wheezed his last breath. Milly, being the loyal hound of a once great warrior, sets the water bottle down and nudges his hand with her snout. No response. She then cuddles up to him under his arm, and there she stays until its her time to go. How depressing... I came here for one, but I got two deaths instead.... Duty calls, off to the next.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm back, for now! I haven't posted in a while because I've been a bit busy lately!!! Oh who am I kidding? I've been lazy, that's why I haven't posted anything... But that's not important right now! So I haven't written any poetry lately, but I still have my stories I need to post and this is the second in that little series thing. Again it's in the persona of Death and I got this story in my mind when I heard of how some soldiers would be homeless when they returned from overseas and I figured I would expand on that idea. Any criticisim is welcome and appreciated! I'll post if I can motivate myself to do so!

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