Dar My Babe

Dar My Babe I Miss You So,

I Don't Know Why I Let You Go.

We Haven't Spoken In A Week,

And Now My Eyes Begin To Leak.

My Sweetheart How I Want You Here,

But This Won't Happen Now I Fear.

At Least To Hear You Calms A Bit,

As Here In Worry Now I Sit.

I Fear For You So Much My Love,

As Soft And Gentle As A Dove.

As Gorgeous As The Morning Dawn,

But Yet Your Confidence Is Gone.

You Tell Me That You Look So Bad,

My Sexy Baby You Are Mad.

I Know Your Curves & They Are Fine,

If Only I Could Make You Mine.

God My Love I Miss Your Touch,

I Miss Your Pretty Face So Much.

I Yearn For When You Smiled At Me,

If You Were Here, This You Would See.

I Miss The Times That We Made Love,

Your Body Fit Me Like A Glove.

I Miss The Softness Of Your Skin,

I Miss Your Eyes, Your Lips, Your Chin.

If I Could Hold You In My Arms,

I'd Try To Keep You From Life's Harms.

I Love You More Than Life It Seems,

Dar My Babe, Your Beauty Beams.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sat Here Wondering If This Special Person Is Safe Tonight. This I What I Came Up With.

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Wendy D' Michelle's picture

I can see how much you love her. It really shows in your writings. You are good at expressing yourself. Good job on this one. Wendy