FriEnDs BeComiNg LovErs

Starts out with the eye,
  And then you open up your mind,
Start fillin it with thought's like...
"Oh if that person was mine!"

Then it shift to dialouge,
  State'n the feelings loud and clear.
Trippin on the reaction,
  Start buildin up your fear.

This's where it splits,
It can go two different ways.
The friendship can start to decrease
Or sexual chemistry will begin to raise.

If the chemistry goes up
And the friendship seems to step into a new level.
  Start diggin the friendship a grave,
Kuz sex calls for a bigger shovel.

Once you've decided to first kiss -
It creates a certain spark.
But at the end of it's fuse lies a bomb
stuck in park.

Once the feelings start kickin in
"The In-Love" most would say...
You friendship goes from we're homies... To-
We're "loving" eachother EVERY DAY!

Friends should stick to being friends,
And lovers should just stay lovers...
Kuz then you won't lose the close true people...
You can bone/date/"in-love" all THE OTHERS!

Kuz it's so hard to get it back,
And the saddest thing is it's true.
The I would've never been your lover,
If I knew it would put a dent in my "love" 4 U.

It seems like you should give it all up,
To those you've known and love so much.
But all the trust and the companionship...
Is buried when there's touch.

It's like "they had you all along,"
So they feel you won't let go.
They're allowed to treat you wrong
And you're heart lets em run the show.

Kuz the friendship was so deep and
Things are "worth the try"
When in the end you lose that bond,
Kuz " I'm in love with you" is just a lie.

Keep your friends as your friends,
Kuz you'll lose em, no gettin it back...
From the heartbreak sex can bring,
From self control that you lack.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am writing this to express how i feel about someone i cared about. I wish i wouldn't have done anything past friendship. It was so much better that way. The end is bitter. I can't say it could never work. Some people are soul mates. FOr me.. i'm not fuckin with my friends anymore.. so i don't ever lose a true friendship. That's why i worte this.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I also like this piece because its honest. I do however agree keep friends friends and lovers seperate.Once you cross the border there's no going back. It's like leaving home, you can return to the bldg but it's never the same when you lived there the first time

poetvg's picture

i love this poem