The eyes of a baby, tiny little stars

The eyes of Venus, Mercury, Mars

The eyes of a child, full of wonders

The hands of the child, full of blunders

The eyes of a teenager, angry it seems

Teenage years aren't so serine.

The eyes of an adult, trialed and true

The eyes seem so loyal, through and through

The eyes of an old man, right before death

The same eyes of that baby, with his very last breath.

Eyes are for love, not meant for hate

Eyes are to give, and not meant to take.

Eyes can see anything, deceiving can be

One thing they must see, and that would be thee.

Look at yourself through the eyes of a child

Your thoughts seem to be somewhat mild.

Simpler times were childhood years,

Simpler things, and simpler fears

Now take a look through the eyes grown up,

The view you see is very abrupt

Different view, but the eyes still the same

Look at yourself, stray pity, or shame.

Now take a look through the eyes of that man...

On his deathbed, take a PEEK if you can...

A ragged old man, run down eyes

The VERY SAME EYES, of the child, who cries

The eyes that tell you your something great, while all the others were just full of hate

When you look at yourself, and you think for a while

The eyes are telling the truth, no denial

View yourself who you are, not WHAT

Don't think of hate, but of nothing BUT

See what you see, but don't just PEEK

Look through them now, the eyes can SPEAK

What do the eyes want you to say?

They tell you to look through THEIR view, for a day

They tell you they have seen a great many things,

But most of all, your an angel, on wings.

If you look at the BAD, and look with disgust

If you look at the violence and look at the lust

If you look at the terrible things you have wrought,

Then your cheating your eyes, and what you have sought

If you look at the good, and admirable things

Then my friends, your angel will sprout it's wings

And all in a fluster of these precious eyes,

Are the old man who weeps, and the child who cries.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Look at yourself for a moment.  What do you see.  Why do you see it?  Is it negative?  If you saw something negative, than you need to look AGAIN.  Look at yourself for who you are, not what you are.  Look at yourself and if you don't see something wonderful, then something is wrong with your eyes.

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nancylangley's picture

This poem was just beautiful... I have just started a new job at a local nursing home here where I live, and have been twice during my training as a CNA, to the facility where I will be working, and I can tell you that when I look in those peoples eyes, that they are hurting or crying inside..Just by their eyes, I will know if I am doing a good job or not, Its their eyes that will help me to do a better job with handling them and the care they need..... I love this poem..... It really relates to me!!